Welcome to Axion now live on Polygon

The future of staking is here.

Up to 47% APR in AXN + daily bitcoin dividends you can spend any time. Accelerate your crypto with the Axion Accelerator and get in while the accelerator bonus lasts!

Plus, Axion's NFT ecosystem launches in a few short weeks, where you can mint your stakes as NFTs with unique generated art!

Find out more about Axion and the Accelerator below:

What is the Accelerator?
Simply put, the Accelerator is a way for users to buy and stake $AXN in a single transaction, saving users gas fees compared to buying on SushiSwap and then staking separately.

It also offers up to a 20.8% bonus compared to buying on the market, plus up to 305% additional shares!

Whilst doing the above, it also generates bitcoin dividends for our stakers, and forms part of our deflationary measures by buying back AXN from SushiSwap and instantly burning it, leading to an increasing price.

But wait, what IS Axion?
Axion is a staking token on the Ethereum network, think of it as a certificate of deposit but on the blockchain.

Not only does it pay a high rate of interest in $AXN (8% fixed APR), but it also rewards stakers with liquid dividends in the form of wBTC. This generates up to 47% APR on your stake as a whole, plus the appreciating value of both $AXN and Bitcoin! By staking for the max duration, you also get access to exclusive Airdrops from new and upcoming projects via Axion Launch

Many of our users see it as a nice way to automatically dollar-cost average into Bitcoin, over a long period of time, whilst also benefiting from an asset which has the potential to vastly outperform BTC itself.
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