Want to Increase Website Traffic Own It and Earn It

So, you want more eyes on your website? You’ve invested time, sweat, energy — and perhaps even a few tears — into creating your site. You’ve showcased your business so your community knows both what you do and why your work is valuable. Increased website traffic can help you stand out among the competition, lead to more sales, or increase user inquiries — but how can you get more page views? 
There are three types of increased website traffic: owned, earned, and paid. Learn more about each and which is right for your site’s goals. 
There are three types of increased website traffic: owned, earned, and paid. All drive viewers to your site, but since an investment in time rather than money is often best for any small-business owner’s budget, owned and earned traffic should form the cornerstones of your online presence. When you increase website traffic from owned media — your website, blog, social media accounts, mailing list, or any other sites where you’re in charge — you’ll be the one sharing your content. So when you join a department store’s mailing list, receive emails about upcoming sales and events, and use those emails to revisit the store’s site, you’re seeing owned traffic in action.

Earned traffic, by contrast, happens when other people share content leading to your website. When a supporter shares your social media post about your newest menu item with their audience or a food blogger raves about your restaurant, that’s earned traffic for your business. Such traffic pushes you outside your current community and builds trust through positive word-of-mouth marketing in the digital realm.

Both techniques require consistency and commitment, but they are long-term strategies that will eventually reap huge rewards.

At Dreamoz Technologies, we believe that holistic SEO is the best way to rank your website because you focus on making every aspect of your site awesome.

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