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White Paper Blockchains
It is quite likely that blockchain technology is still in the early stages of its overall adoption cycle. Institutional players, such as banks, are only just beginning to explore the potential of the opportunity by running private (permissioned) crypto solutions until regulation or legislation catches up to the technology, and capital markets are confident in the types of services they can offer. This creates a significant opportunity for early adopters as we see a whole new asset class emerge. 

Recently, the growing maturity of the crypto market has been validated with a plethora of new products coming into the space. These products include derivatives, borrowing, lending and most importantly custody solutions. With the likes of Fidelity Digital Assets and Goldman Sachs moving into the space, it’s only a matter of time until an ETF is approved.

Acentral bank digital currency (CBDC) uses a blockchain-based token to represent the digital form of a fiat currency of a particular nation (or region). A CBDC is centralized; it is
issued and regulated by the competent monetary authority of the country.

CBDCs might not have been the original idea of blockchain and crypto, but the continued development of them is good news for blockchain and crypto adoption. It's important to remember that Central Banks love to print money and it's almost a certainty that they will create a digital currency without a supply limit. Much to the contrary, crypto-assets such as bitcoin have a supply limit.

As the world moves all finances to the digital space, it's going to be even more prevalent to own inflation hedging assets such as bitcoin, precious metals including via gold and
silver-backed cryptos such as our AUS and AGS tokens.

There is no denying that throughout its brief existence crypto has experienced a wildly volatile ride. Just because a market is erratic, does not mean it is unhealthy. History has
proven, time and time again, that risk is more closely associated with ignorance than unpredictable movement. Historically, the nature of crypto only introduced risk if you
took a short-term perspective and panic sold on a dip. Normally we would preach the traditional rule of taking a long-term view with any investment. There are opportunities
for astute investors to "play" the volatility crypto provides to their advantage, with appropriate trade windows.  offers the added benefit of being able to "park" your
crypto in bullion (most easily via our tokens) between trades.


Crypto is an allowable asset in your Self-Managed Super Fund provided you set up your fund correctly to contemplate its inclusion and then purchase and sell it in an acceptable manner.  offers a fully compliant means of buying and selling within your SMSF; indeed, a very large portion of our crypto customers are SMSFs.

Purchasing crypto for your SMSF is as simple as the personal process outlined previously with the one additional requirement for the provision of the front and signing page of your SMSF deed and identification for all trustees/directors.

You will receive an invoice showing the SMSF entity as the purchaser, exactly what you bought, the price paid, and importantly the address of the wallet to which it was sent. You need to ensure you don't mix personal and SMSF transactions on that wallet.

When an audit is required, the auditor simply searches the blockchain for your address, confirming that it matches your purchases, and applies the price on that day (we provide historical prices on the 30th of June on our website each year for added convenience). As the blockchain is a public ledger there is no asset more transparent than crypto when managed in the way we suggest.

Your SMSF manager or accountant may be more comfortable with you using one of our  Storage Accounts. With this option, we ensure only the SMSF entity can trade that account and you get a certificate of holding. It is held securely in Reserve Vault, and on the 30th of June, we can provide a statement of holding and value for the audit. Simple!

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