Nexus Vaults White-Label Solution

Nexus Vaults White-Label Solution
The Nexus White-Label Vaults platform gives institutions the ability to operate their very own crypto yield farming platform, granting their network access to high-interest yield farming for their stablecoin and crypto. The turnkey white-label platform provides customizable product features and state-of-the-art infrastructure, giving your clients the yield farming experience they deserve.

Leave the heavy lifting to us - Our dedicated customer service and product development teams handle personalized user experience along with keeping your platform fully up-to-date and maintained.

Access to CeFi and DeFi
We've integrated CeFi and DeFi to offer the best rates available on both stablecoin & crypto.

Daily Interest Accruals
Watch your assets accrue daily from our straightforward & highly intuitive user interface.

No Lock-Up Periods
Avoid the headache of dealing with extended lock-up periods. Withdraw your crypto whenever you want, plain and simple.

No Fees
Stop worrying about traffic and bloated gas fees. Nexus aggregates our yield pools, allowing you to avoid the hassle of network congestion.

World-Class Security
Our development team at Nexus continuously test, update, and improve our systems across AWS & Cloudflare. Security is our ultimate priority for both your assets and data.

Low Barrier of Entry
Say goodbye to non-custodial wallets and the hassle of keeping up with the latest Web3 protocol. Nexus gives you the tools you need to immediately access a large variety of yield pools.

No Hassle, Fast Turnaround
We offer institutional-grade, highly developed software to launch your platform in as little as six weeks. The Vaults offer individualized wallets and the capability to modify the user experience of your platform. 

A customizable user interface with personalized support from our dedicated account managers allows you to run your platform from the highest level.
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