Microsoft Clarity can help you understand

Microsoft Clarity can help you understand the user behaviors behind Google Analytics data. Our easy-to-use tool captures how users interact with your website through session recordings and heatmaps. When you connect Clarity with Google Analytics, you can see what's working, what needs to be improved, and find those small changes that can turn a good website into a great one. To get started, connect Google Analytics with Clarity in just a few steps.

What you'll get:
• You can view Clarity session recordings right on your Google Analytics dashboard. No need to switch back and forth between the two.
• Your Google Analytics segments are automatically added to Clarity. You can watch session recordings for these segments without any additional setup.
• Get more insights into why there are drop-offs on Google Analytics goals. Clarity helps you understand why users behave in ways you don't expect.

Google Analytics + Clarity: Two powerful platforms that are even better together.
Let's get started.
Clarity is 100% free forever · GDPR & CCPA complaint · Built on open source 

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