Infogram Toolbar 45 Degree Labels Custom Links And Gifs

At Infogram we’re committed to helping you communicate with your data in a clear and engaging way. In an effort to improve our product - we’ve made some exciting updates!

The new left hand toolbar makes it even easier to add text, charts, video to your Infogram project.

Infogram line and column charts now have the option of setting their x-axis labels to 45 degrees, making them easier to read and easy on the eyes.

Business and Enterprise users now have the ability to add custom links to their chart logo or share buttons. Custom links can increase brand awareness and traffic to your website, so it’s a win-win.

GIFs make your data stories more effective, exciting, and easy to share. For 30 days you will have the ability to download any chart for free. 

Our content management platform lets you manage your custom web apps at an affordable price. Interested in posting a blog or advertising a product?

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