How to get good results with your eCommerce Facebook ads?

How to get good results with your eCommerce Facebook ads? Based on most blog articles on the topic, you’re supposed to mess around with complex ad formats and set up a Facebook ad campaign structure based on a five-level conversion funnel. But in reality, the key to successful eCommerce Facebook campaigns is to keep them simple.

🍩 Here are 12 suggestions to keep in mind:
  • Keep your marketing funnel simple
  • Use a minimal Facebook ad campaign structure
  • Avoid creating new ad sets for each new promotion
  • Keep your target audiences broad
  • Do not over-optimize your campaigns
  • Optimize on conversions, not clicks
  • Perfect your Facebook Pixel setup
  • Use the optimal number of ad creatives
  • Use a mix of static and video ads
  • Create ad visuals in two formats: feed + stories
  • Copywrite the perfect headlines + texts
  • Experiment strategically and document key learnings
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