One of the most significant hurdles for people looking to gain exposure to crypto is the difficulty of purchasing the digital asset with fiat currency (AUD), given the limits, delays and understanding necessary to purchase safely online. Providing a unique solution to this problem by creating a simple, secure, certain and streamlined process for purchasing and storing crypto. We allow you to buy, sell and trade crypto for cash, bank transfer or bullion at our Brisbane office, by phone or through our webshop. There is a minimum $2,000 transaction per crypto. Currently sells Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, USDT, AUS, AGS, and six other large market cap alt-coins. We can also help you purchase any other
cryptocurrency; all you have to do is ask (minimum $5000 transaction).

Lock in the live price - We generate an invoice clearly saying how many, at what price & the total due You pay us that day - bank deposit, cash, or bullion. On cleared funds we transfer the crypto to you, to either:

a. Anew  Crypto Wallet: produced in front of you in our store and provided free of charge - you also receive a PDF backup of your keys ona secure USB
b. Your own existing wallet: if you have your own wallet already, we can simply send your crypto to that address when provided and you don't need to come into our office
c. An Storage Account wallet: we manage the entire process for you with  Crypto Wallets pre-produced and already stored securely at the Reserve Vault. Your holdings are fully allocated on separate wallets. If you want to sell, we'll sweep your paper wallet or you can send us the crypto you want to sell for cash or use to buy bullion. 

Our prices are determined from a "spot" price we average from several exchanges that we use and change every couple of minutes. When selling we add a spread above this spot price and we buy back at a spread below. You can see these spot prices on our website homepage, spreads on our daily price sheet and live buy pricing in our webshop.



Altcoin - An altcoin refers to any crypto other than Bitcoin.

Blockchain - Blockchains offer decentralised records that are encrypted and stored across thousands of devices across the globe rather by one centralised governing body.

FOMO - An acronym for ‘Fear of Missing Out’. A common phrase used within the crypto community to refer to the overwhelming positive sentiment towards a coin that causes individuals to irrationally buy with a lack of research.

Fork - The event in which a new blockchain is created, using the existing software code of the old blockchain but with new improvement (BTC - BCH for example).

FUD - An acronym for ‘Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt’. A common term used within the crypto community to describe unjustifiable negativity towards a coin or offering.

ICO - Acronym for ‘initial coin offering’ - similar to an IPO in the share market. An ICO is when a crypto start up issues its own token as a method of crowdfunding the particular project. Usually these are funded with other crypto such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Market Cap - The total, accumulative value of a crypto. The total figure is calculated by multiplying the total supply of a token by the value of each individual token.

Mining - When an individual offers their computing power in order to decrypt blocks on the blockchain in order to process transactions. Miners are generally rewarded with an amount of crypto based on their contribution.

Node - A device that keeps a copy of a blockchain, utilising computing power in order to maintain the integrity of transactions.

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