Google Analytics Community Template Gallery

Google Analytics Community Template Gallery
Google Analytics Community Gallery
Google Analytics Community Gallery

Manage Tags Easily and Safely With the New Community Template Gallery

The Google Tag Manager Community Template Gallery is an open platform where partners can share their tag templates. Businesses can then customise these templates to easily implement tags on their websites.

UTM Parameter Targeting in Google Optimise

This new feature allows you to target your Optimise experience at a specific utm_campaign and have it persist while a visitor navigates your website. Use the UTM parameter targeting type when you want to select visitors arriving with a specific UTM campaign value in the URL for an experiment or a personalisation.

Beyond the Ad: Conversion Optimisation

If you don't use data to Optimise your site's user experience, you risk low conversion rates and lost revenue. A well-designed user interface could increase your website's conversion rate by up to 200 percent, and a better UX design could yield conversion rates up to 400 percent.

Become a Data Studio Community Visualisation Launch Partner

We're currently looking for launch partners for community visualisations - developers to build partner visualisations to be featured in-product as part of upcoming launches and improvements. Being a launch partner will provide opportunities to be featured as part of launch communication and be featured as an early adopter in the in-product gallery.

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