Gemini has partnered with Brave to empower you to control your online privacy

Building a user-centric internet with the power of crypto. Gemini has partnered with Brave to empower you to control your online privacy.

Our integration
Gemini’s integration with Brave allows everyday users and Brave Creators to receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) payouts directly into their Gemini accounts.

BAT are rewards granted for viewing privacy-preserving Brave ads while browsing the web, and these rewards can now be seamlessly stored, traded, and even earn interest on Gemini. Brave users can also trade BAT along with any other Gemini-supported crypto, directly from Gemini’s trading widget on Brave.

The easiest way to manage BAT
By linking Gemini with Brave, your BAT earnings will be deposited directly and automatically, without the need to claim them each month. On Gemini you’ll be able to trade, withdraw, store, and even earn interest on your BAT through Gemini Earn.

Industry-leading security
Store your BAT with confidence owing to Gemini’s commitment to security, licensing, and regulation. Multi-factor authentication, approved addresses for withdrawals, and a security-first mindset keep your BAT safe.

Trade directly in Brave
Brave users have access to trade all digital asset pairs listed on Gemini’s exchange, directly from the Brave home screen.

About Brave
Brave is an internet browser with over 25 million monthly active users that blocks ads, ad trackers, and other identifying software used by websites to trace visitors, providing a faster, more private browsing experience.

- Compensate users
- Users get paid in Basic Attention Token (BAT) when they opt in to view privacy-preserving Brave ads.
- Reward content creators
- Content creators can now monetize their content when Brave users and fans reward them with BAT.
- Provide seamless crypto access
- Brave makes crypto easy with integrations like Gemini to manage your crypto and MetaMask to access your favorite dApps.
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