x Celo. Get a €10 cEUR Bonus and Earn 16% in Annual Rewards. x Celo. Get a €10 cEUR Bonus and Earn 16% in Annual Rewards. and Celo are bringing the benefits of stablecoins to Europe. Buy €25 cEUR, get a €10 cEUR bonus, and earn up to 16% in annual rewards.

About Celo and cEUR
Celo is building a financial ecosystem that creates the conditions of prosperity for everyone. By using a novel address-based encryption algorithm and an ultralight mobile client, the protocol removes barriers for large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment around the world, making sending money fast, inexpensive, and as easy as sending a text.

Celo, the most global ecosystem in crypto, has builders in 113 countries that are creating decentralized finance applications that enable all people the possibility to create prosperity.

Learn more about the Celo blockchain's native stablecoins here and join the conversation! Would you like to learn more about Celo's crypto-backed reserve? Visit Celo's Reserve.

cEUR (Celo Euro) is a stable digital asset that tracks the Euro. It allows users to transfer value faster, cheaper, and more easily on their mobile devices. As with cUSD (Celo Dollar), cEUR is carbon negative, ERC-20 compatible and supported by multiple crypto assets in the Celo Reserve, including BTC, ETH, DAI and more.

Europe’s Stablecoin
Convert your Euros to a faster, cheaper, and more secure alternative.

Credit Card
€10 cEUR Bonus
Buy €25 cEUR or more and get a €10 cEUR bonus. It’s that easy!

Earn 16% Rewards
Hold cEUR in a Rewards Account to earn up to 16% annually.

Blockchain connect: Easily Move Crypto.
Link your Exchange trading account to our secure non-custodial Blockchain Wallet and easily move money back and forth.
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