Add High Quality, Free Images to Your Site!

Making your site look attractive doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Choose from over 40,000 free photos to add stunning photography to your site’s design, all from within the the Media Library. The Free Photo Library integrates your site with a library of over 40,000 beautiful and useful copyright-free images provided courtesy of Pexels. You can use these images to your site to create stunning designs. Any images you import to your media library with the Free Photo Library will count against your site’s storage limits.

Add Images from a Post or Page. Open the editor by creating a new post or page or open an existing one. Add a block that uses an image, such as the Image block or the Gallery block. Click Select Image and choose Pexels Free Photos. 

Add a term to the search box and select the image you want to use. Single image blocks, such as the Image block or the Cover block, limit the selection to one image at a time. Blocks supporting multiple images, such as the Gallery block, allow selecting multiple images from the Free Photo Library at once. They will first get copied to your media library. Then, select them once again to add them to the gallery.

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