Achieve Your Resolutions This Year

Only 8% of people achieve their New Year resolutions, so around this time of year we see lots of tasks asking for help with personal training, surfing, musical instruments and other types of resolution tasks. If you're looking for a bit of extra help, we’d love to help you achieve your resolutions.

Watch the latest episode of Modern Workplace, Visualize: The power of data storytelling. In this episode, learn how to unlock the hidden potential within your data through visualization.

Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group, Susan Etlinger, shares how to strategize your data into actionable tips you can use today, and provides insights into creating your organization’s most insightful data yet.

Data Visualization Specialist for The Washington Post, Gabi Steele explains how to communicate insights through design and data storytelling.

Plus, see Microsoft’s intelligent tools in action and learn how you can give your users creative options and greater visual impact, all within seconds.

Modern Workplace webcast series

Modern Workplace webcast series

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