A domain is the foundation of your online presence. This month, learn about the different types of domains and how to keep yours safe

What is a domain?
A domain is what internet users type into a browser to get to a particular website for example: www.dreamoztechnologies.com. It's commonly referred to as a "web address". Different domain extensions fit different needs. Whether it's .org, .fit, .com, or something else, you can always choose an extension that's right for your brand. Get tips for choosing the right domain here.

Find the perfect domain
Got an idea for your perfect online address? Check if it's available now by entering it into our domain search tool. If the domain name you want is still available, you can register it in a few clicks and start building your online presence. Learn more about domain registration.

Keep your domain safe
Your domain is a valuable asset, so you need to make sure it's secure. An SSL certificate is a must for any website. It protects your visitors' data and shows them that they can browse safely. Websites with SSL also rank better on search engines than those that don't. Domain Guard adds extra security by preventing hackers from redirecting your domain to fraudulent or malicious websites. You can easily manage your domains and add security products anytime on your DreamozTech account.

Save time with a bulk domain search
It makes sense to register multiple domains, for example common spelling mistakes or different domain extensions. That way, you're covered if people don't get your domain name exactly right. Save time and check the availability of up to 100 domains at once with a bulk domain search.
At Dreamoz Technologies, we believe that holistic SEO is the best way to rank your website because you focus on making every aspect of your site awesome.

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