Work can sometimes be challenging but the right people can make your job so much better

What do you think makes a great coworker? Finish this sentence in the comments below: ‘The best kind of colleague is’ and tag someone you love working with. 

The Best Kind of Colleague EMPATHISES. Empathy is a word that is used often by many people. It's commonly known that empathy is a good thing to have, but it isn't always a priority in people's lives.

Empathy is the ability to understand things from another person's perspective. It's the ability to share someone else's feelings & emotions & understand why they're having those feelings. For many people, a workplace is a place for teamwork. For things that require a group effort, it's extremely important to take the time to relate to colleagues. Even if people are not specifically working on one project, it is still important to get along with fellow workers. Using empathy is a vital part of a smooth working relationship. Without it, it's much easier to fall into disputes & disagreements.

It is also highly important for leadership to use empathy. Leaders who lack empathy are likely to subject their employees to unfair practices. Managers who are without empathy may push employees to work beyond what is healthy & reasonable or may be unduly harsh when an employee makes a mistake.

The best kind of colleague is one who inspires others to be the best version of themselves at work, not just in how he does things but also in how he treats people.

It is not difficult to compile a wishlist of desirable qualities that we would like to see in our colleagues - capable, helpful, understanding, humourous, selfless, etc. - but we also have to ask whether we have those same qualities that our colleagues would hope to see in us.

Only by continuously setting a high bar, inspiring others and striving to improve ourselves can we create a working environment that both our colleagues and we would always enjoy working in.
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