The SuperRare curation token

The SuperRare curation token
We’re putting the future of SuperRare and the power of curation directly into the hands of our stellar community. With $RARE, you have influence over the diversification of our thriving, global art ecosystem–from the streets of Soho to the hidden realms of the metaverse. Welcome to SuperRare 2.0.

The SuperRare DAO: powered by community
A new DAO comprised of $RARE token holders will help define the future of art and culture for a digitally native generation. Membership in the SuperRare DAO allows you to curate the platform, control marketplace parameters, and add your voice to one of the most ambitious art projects in the world today.

A next generation NFT Platform
CryptoArt to date has evolved around centrally curated platforms with a single minting contract. While this was an important step in the evolution of the industry, we're excited to usher in a new era that empowers more diverse curatorial voices. SuperRare Spaces are independently curated storefronts designed to help promote artists and create a diverse art ecosystem. Each Space is vetted and elected by the SuperRare community.

Rise of the sovereign artist
The future of the web belongs to creators. We've always believed artists are sovereign actors who should be able to control their own destiny. By enabling artists to mint custom contracts that reflect their own unique project themes or artistic brand, we hope many more will take the leap and become true sovereigns in every sense.

15% of the total $RARE supply to the community of artists and collectors who bootstrapped SuperRare into the platform it is today. If you've been an artist or a collector on SuperRare, today is your day to own a part of the network & begin shaping the future of digital art. Airdrop tokens will be claimable here for the next 90 days, after which unclaimed tokens will be donated back to the SuperRare DAO treasury.
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