About Us

Dreamoz Technologies is a software house focused in delivering software solutions for our customers, clients and their business needs using latest tools and technologies. Dreamoz Technologies believes that great software development happens through having great teams who consistently deliver market, technical and personal success for team members and stakeholders. Dreamoz Technologies combines deep technical expertise with whole system thinking to achieve continuous integration and delivery.

  • High throughput from concept to delivery in three weeks or less.
  • Market focus on emphasizing on delivering value and engaging customers.
  • Opportunity generation by conducting experiments and taking managed risks.
  • Low defect rate, less than ten escaped defects per month.
  • Shrinking costs in development and maintenance decrease over time.
  • Bringing joy to happy team members and happy stakeholders.


Dreamoz Technologies has 15 plus years of professional experience with 35 years of combined experience in analysis, designing and development of client/server, web based and n- tier applications using Microsoft technologies mainly c#, vb.net, asp.net, ado.net, mvc, entity framework, jquery, linq, sql server and open source tools. We are keen and have a dedicated team of IT professionals and experts who are passionate in exploring and working on new technologies. We have a pool of talented, dedicated developers, consultants, designers, front-end developers, project managers, testers, support and management team – all working as an energetic team for our clients in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and India. We use microsoft, amazon, google and other third party services and have dedicated hosting services in USA and Australia.

Technology Matrix

c#, vb.net, asp.net, silverlight, sharepoint, web api, win forms, web forms, mvc, html, razor, visual studio, microsoft sql server, javascript, jquery, json, typescript, swagger, ext sencha, node.js, angular, jqwidgets, react, open source frameworks, team foundation server, sharepoint server, microsoft project, microsoft visio, bizagi, pencil, universal windows apps, xamarin.

Methodologies & Documentation

We are an agile team, following agile values, principles and focus on continuous integration, development and development. We believe in growth through ongoing development, collaboration and by listening to our customer and more focused approach through different methodologies in place. We practice test driven development, domain driven design, model view controller, model view presenter, onion architecture, projects in sprints, user stories and backlog items. We put strict effort in documenting every stuff we do on working software.

Our Skillset

  • Build Tools CruiseControl.NET, Hudson, Jira, Visual Studio Online Build Controller
  • Database Tools SQL Server, My Sql, T-Sql, Azure Database
  • Debug Tools Firebug, Chromer, IE Developer Tools, Web Developer, Browser Stack
  • Design Tools Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Expression Tools, Pencil, Micorosft Visio, Bootstrap
  • Development Platforms .NET Framework 4.5, Visual Studio 2015, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Services
  • Management Tools Mingle, Gemini, Visual Studio Online, Team Foundation Server, Trello
  • Mapping Tools Google, Leaflet, Mapbox, Bing, Here Maps
  • Methodology Scrum, XP, Kanban, Iterative, Agile & Waterfall, Git Flow
  • Misc. Telerik, Windows Workflow, WCS, XML, SharePoint, Live Tiles, Plivo, Twilio
  • Object Relation Mapper Entity Framework 4.1, Telerik ORM, Structure Map, Ninject
  • Operating Systems Windows Server 2012 R2, Linux Ubuntu
  • Programming Languages C#, VB.NET, VB6, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Linq, Angular, React
  • Reporting Tools Crystal Reports 10.0, Sql Reporting, Apose, Hiqpdf, Evopdf
  • Requirement Tools Visual Paradigm, MS Project, BizAgi
  • Testing Tools WAPT, Rational Robot, Visual Studio Team System
  • Version Control Tortoise SVN, Hg,Visual Source Safe, Mercurial, Github
  • Web Portals DotNetNuke, Joomla, Site core, Sitefinity, Share Point
  • Web Servers IIS, Apache Server, Dotnet Mono, IIS Express
  • Web Technologies ASP.NET, MVC, Razor, Ext, Typescript, ASP, Web Services, Ajax, XML, HTML, CSS, SASS


  • We have built console applications, batch programs, n tier windows applications, windows services, web services, rich internet applications and local intranet web applications using both win forms & web forms technologies.
  • We have developed large scale web applications and desktop applications on a multi-tier architecture.
  • We have expertise in creating new business process using workflow, middle tier business layers, web page flows and page sequence dynamic and configurable.
  • We have expertise in implementing ajax and client Side coding by javaScript, jQuery and Json to communicate with other applications and provide client side functionalities.
  • We are proficient in Web Services, Soap, Xml, Xsl, Xslt, Xpath, Xml Schema, Css, Dom.
  • We have expertise in mapping technology using google, bing, mapbox, and leaflet technologies. Creating points, overlays, custom layers in maps with data representation using various mapping providers.
  • We are experienced in building web applications in MVC framework, use of Entity Framework, N-Hibernate, and use of Auto Mappers, abstractions, less coupling with inversion of controls.
  • We have extensive experience in design patterns using Inversion of Control, dependency injection and factory method patterns. (Unity, Structure Map, Ninject)
  • We have expertise in developing SharePoint web parts and deploying to web portals. Well versed in using SharePoint tools, live tiles and control sets.
  • We have expertise in using CMS web portals using Site core, Sitefinity & Dot net Nukes with dot net integration.
  • We have created different plug-in in rich web sites to integrate with social media websites, use of Infragistics netadvantage, Dev. Express and Telerik controls.
  • We are experienced in working with legacy applications using VB6.0, VBScript, ASP, SQL 2000 and MS Access.
  • We have used integrated third party tools such as Microsoft Great Plains and Onyx Voyager Servers with .net platform.
  • We have worked extensively with Data Adapter, Dataset, Data reader as a part of ADO.NET to access and update database. Implement application and database caching, trigger events.
  • We have expertise in PayPal integration and integration with other third-party merchants banks (nab, cba, eway, ccavenue, braintree).
  • We have expertise in integrating application with third party SMS, Email and Voice application providers and writing code to create and use API`s. (twilio, plivo, sms gateway, sms braodcast)
  • We have extensive experience in SQL Server database design, database maintenance, writing T-SQL queries, stored procedures, views and triggers using SQL Server.
  • We have good working knowledge with designer tools such as Microsoft Visio, MS Project, BizAgi, designing Use Case, Class, Sequence, Collaboration, State, component, Deployment and, Activity diagrams using UML.
  • We have expertise in designing UML design patterns such as Adapter, Proxy, Bridge, and Facade.
  • We are experts in dealing with Private, Shared satellite and resource assemblies, globalization and configuring them with strong names, deploying them in Global Assembly Cache (GAC).
  • We are experts in debugging applications using the debugging tools provided by the Visual Studio.Net IDE. Diagnosing performance issues, bottlenecks and well verse in optimizing code.
  • We have expertise in building and developing reports using SQL Reporting services and Crystal Reports. Creating word and pdf documents on the fly and from scratch. Converting html pages to reports. (aspose, hiqpdf, evopdf, d3.js)
  • We work in Agile Iterative Model, XP, Kanban and Scrum methodologies based on different projects.
  • We have Configured and deployed applications in IIS and Apache Web servers.
  • We are Well verse in SEO Optimization and URL rewriting techniques.
  • We have extensive experience in liaising with clients, provide holistic view of the system, data modeling, writing test driven code, application support and deployment.
  • Our functional domain experience involves Financial, Insurance, Banking, Entertainment, Digital Agency, Association/Memberships and Hospitals.
  • We have clean and concise documentation skills (functional/technical/deployment documents). We are creative thinker where we contribute innovative ideas to our technology, processes and products. Our company has good employees who are strong team player with good interpersonal and communication skills and effective in working independently and collaboratively in teams.